• ☛ The Web Wallet is almost ready for release. We are in the process of securing our own servers to provide this service, which will ensure the highest level of security for the Folm Bank.

  • ☛ The issues with the Official Explorer have been resolved and upgrades have been made to accommodate the Folm Bank.

  • ☛ We are still working on the integration of Bitcore with the Insight API on Folm Coin. Bitcore is quite complicated and it has taken us longer than expected to complete this process. The Insight interface is working smoothly, but the data must come from the Official Web Wallet, which is still in development. We apologize for the delay, but assure everyone that it will be well worth it.

  • ☛ The new GUI Desktop Wallet will be released following the launch of the Folm Web Wallet.

  • ☛ Some supporters put together a new Masternode script to more easily configure a Folm Masternode. It is currently available on the Official Website.

  • Thanks so much for your support, the Folm Family is better with you.