Q2 Milestones:

MacOS 10.13 Wallet;

IOS developers are working on enhancing the security of the wallet with Boost C++ libraries. This greatly enhances the security of the wallet and we do not want to release the wallet without it. We are working with Apple Developers now that the OSByteOrder library file has been revised to accommodate the Folm blockchain. The wallet will be released with version 3.3.0+.

FolmCoin Web Wallet;

An issue with the block explorer is preventing the web wallet from displaying wallet balances in real-time. Our senior core developers are working on the official explorer in preparation of the web wallet release. For now, our offical explorer is being manually pinged via local servers, which has been causing a slight delay for new wallet balances. Once we have a real-time solution for this issue we will be able to proceed with Web Wallet release. Folm Mobile wallets will be launched along with the Folm Web wallet.

Offical Website;

New updates are live on our official website! The blog page will show new weekly updates and progress, and we have also added a detailed Masternode guide which has been prepared by our supporters.

New GUI Wallet;

Ryan Hee, our lead wallet developer, has experienced some health problems. When he is able to compile the updated version, the new Folm 3.3.0 Wallet will be launched via the official website. IOS developers will provide a new build version of the MacOSx wallet as well.

FolmUniverse Whitepaper;

Most of the team members are working on Folm Universe. The whitepaper is almost complete. Early drafts will be shared with our supporters to get their thoughts and those of the community. Overall designs have already been sent to our web developers. The next step for the web developers will be to prepare screenshots of FolmBank.


Of course we had better days than today, but this is crypto. What is important to know is that we are working on the project. All cryptocurrencies need time to develop and grow. It is no different for us. We recognize the concern of our long-term investors regarding the current price, rest assured, hard work and time will change that in the future. The Folm team is giving this our very best. Thank you for your continued support.

! Remember, you can follow us on social media and on community Discord server.

Finally, some people have been talking about a fork to change the rewards for mining/masternodes or the required amount for Masternode collateral. The Folm team agrees that such a fork would be damaging to the project. The rules should not be changed in the middle of the game. We appreciate your interest in helping FolmCoin to grow, but also appreciate your understanding as we make decisions to protect the project and our investors.

The Folm Team.