Web Wallet;

We are still working to resolve some issues with the bitcore Insight API. We apologize for the delay as we continue researching a solution.

Android & IOS Wallets;

The mobile wallet is dependent on the successful implementation of the web wallet. The mobile wallets will be released in conjunction with the web wallet.

New Wallets with modern GUI (Windows,Linux & Mac);

We continue to iron out the details related to FolmBank. Our wallet developer, Ryan Hee, is making some additional adjustments and the Folm Team will publish the new wallet as soon as it is ready.

FolmUnivese One Paper;

Our web developers have begun working on the Universe One Paper. Contents are being prepared by our professional co-readers and will be released upon final review.

MacOS 10.13 wallet;

IOS developers are working on enhancing the security of the wallet with Boost C++ libraries. This greatly enhances the security of the wallet and we do not want to release the wallet without it. We are working with Apple Developers now that the OSByteOrder library file has been revised to accommodate the Folm blockchain. The wallet will be made available through the official website. As always, we thank you for your patience as we continue to work on these design enhancements.

The Folm Team.