Folm Universe;

The day has come. Everything is going as planned. We published all of the Folm Technologies on our website . In your mind, there are new questions, when is FolmBank when, when, when, when, when? We are sure about that, you can get answers to these questions with a detailed roadmap which we have re-Iaunched.

Folm Website Update;

Have you checked the edits we made at ? Worked with professional native speaker and co-readers, we are reaching the target language we want on our site. We have made our blog page a little more active and planning to announce our innovations in the coming days. In addition will be shared them firstly on our site before in the communities.

Folm Marketing;

As promised, we have started to work on the marketing after the introduction of the Universe. Folm Team is preparing the best variations for our project. Marketing team planning to enter into a successful process with the right steps. Its doubtful that we are doing the best we can to make sure that you are aware of the developments in the nearest period.

Folm GUI wallet;

As you can see on the development channel, we shared with you the progress of the new gui wallet. You can see that most of the active pages running smoothly. Now we are on the most important and careful part of developing Folm wallet. Team will be sharing with you in a few weeks after the trouble-free test phase, which will pass through the testing process many times.

Welcome to Team Sstercan;

Folm Team have a new core developer in our team. As you have guessed. there will be many blockchain-based developments in the process like code base update in the foreseeable future. In many projects, Successful processes with Mr. Tercan are waiting for us all. Welcome to family nice to see you with us.

The Folm Team.