About to GUI wallet situation ;

Ryan working on GUI wallet. You can follow developments on GitHub page. We really owe thanks to your performance mate, in a short term he could finish him job lets congratulate him. On the other hands, thinking to release GUI wallet until the month.

Folm Web wallet coming from the future ;

As you could follow the developments on #development channel we revised the web wallet with mobile wallets. Tests are end up they are ready to release but firstly in a couple days Folm Web wallet trailer will be live on our offical youtube channel.

Be ready for Folm Universe ;

As we promised you Folm Universe will be released in a short term. All technology’s logos are prepared with private skills. Contents are designed and sent to the co-readers to fix grammar mistakes. When whole pages checked gracefully our Frontend department will start to design pages.

We are grateful to best community ;

We know time is really important when we are already hit the bullish period, but as you know we should not make mistakes. Need to say thank you for your patient and promise you it is going to worth to wait.

A professional team for a fantastic community ;

In addition as we promised you again The whole team members will be released in Folm Universe. Universe Paper will be released with Folm technologies, after this step will share a marketing roadmap with you. In brainstorm channel we are waiting your suggestions an advices from you. This channel created to make our project better thanks to your helps.

Folm team thinks well with you ;

In a short time MasterNode setup video will be live on youtube channel too. We will share a guide with identifies. Until that time you can contact with @Folm-OPs to get help. As soon as possible your questions will be answered at meeting days. That days will be broadcast by Folm-OPs, you will ask your whole questions and we will try to do our best.

The Folm Team.