Why do not you worry about stopping all the sales of those crazy people who have been crushing the price for months, explain to me why you have not done anything for this?

Ask something what you wanna learn about the project,lemme answer it for you. You cannot handle it when the miners are trying to manage profits today 1 ideal GPU getting more than 80 FLM per a day thats too normal and cannot handle it, what should we do? Should we stop mining or stop trading ?

Why you do not defend the inflation of the circulation of existing coins, this imbalance is affecting the price for many months. Why do not you worry about solving this before continuing with the other things?

We were defending inflation of the circulation since 3 months but that was really hard when people waiting bearish or next bullish (I dont believe it) periods most of them was trying to make money. People stopped to mining, stopped trading etc. The first 3 months total hashrate was around 100gh/s when that start to decrasing miners were getting more coins as you can guess. We started to create walls on exchanges but when the price going down that made total hashrate lower than the old one and that made price lower simple loop for whole cryptos. Now we are trying to manage different things with multi tier node system trying to hodl miners coin to let them make a profit thanks to another way. I know 2 pools which are mining folm they are throing their coins directly on cryptobridge cuz profit is really important for miners

My masternode wallet is using 15-20% of the CPU, is that normal?

You can use 32 bit version thats gonna solve your problem mate, usage will be less than 1%

Do you have any timing for the folmbank demo? I believe that building a working product is the real solution to the price going down.. when you have a product, demand will increase, price will go up, more miners will join etc

Miners are not generally looking for products. Whattomine bots are just checking profit. If price will increase they are going to join chain, then miners would not dump more and price will increase and more miners will join and go on basic loop. For the investors yes you are right we need a real product to use marketing skills. I cannot give any banner to any site for marketing, we cannot spend any money for just mineable coin. When the product is ready we gonna start emergency marketing. Just need time to watch how this problems are solving day by day. Wish I can give you a date but trying to solve application crush problem without swap case first thing is that If we can manage it would save more than 5 BTC investment on Folm project from investors. But If we cannot solve it will swap the chain as announced to you. If you watching explorers working smooth we are in right development way. Because Folm Bank will get datas from insight explorer which is getting datas from official explorer. Web products are our job dont worry about it you can check our companies and the other jobs we are rewarding from the world with web projects.

What is the company name behind folm?

MediaClick you can get more information from our CEO's linkedin account to get infromations here is the link of Folm Team.

Will there be tiered masternodes even if no swap is needed? Your answer has been very clear, thank you. Now I understand more or less the reason for the delay. You are trying to resolve things since May but still nothing, this is a long time, will it take another 6/7 months before seeing a definite product? "But If we cannot solve it will swap the chain as announced to you" Is it going to be a long time before you can make a decision?

New chain is almost ready as you can see on #development channel. Thats not gonna touch around 6 or 7 months we can manage it in 1 day but the priority is old chain without problems. We are trying to handle it If there wont be swap too because multi-tier node system is really important for whales, mid-level and small investors different reward system for how is big your investment.

How can I see that the new chain is ready? I can only see code commits in the development channel.. did you guys successfully ran the new chain in a testnet? What has happened with the new Gui wallets you have promised , it is all ready? What about android and ios versions too?

You can try to compile by yourself mate informations on github page but still on development section when its ready surely, testnets are finished succesfully will make an announcement for our community. mobile wallets are package of insight as you know. There is not a problem on them the problem on application crush when insight explorer will down which is associated with official explorer, mobile wallets will crush too thats why we are not releasing mobile wallets and Folm Bank currently. For the new gui wallet it was developing by Ryan Hee we need to contact with him. Accounting department already paid and waiting response from him. But If he cannot manage it Im qt developer too we can build it, just need authority from my company. Im currently working on Server and explorer.

FOLM applications will connect to the API of the insight explorer to get their data. When the insight explorer is down, the applications will stop to work. Currently there is an issue with the insight explorer (or is the problem with the blockchain itself?), if this problem is resolved, things could go faster?

The problem is not on Folm chain the problem on bitcore, most of the cryptos have this problems they are making different solutions back up to back ups but not trustable. If we are talking about BANK word it must be stay alive 24/7 is not it ? currently insight working smooth but when bitcore daemon crush that closing Folm daemon too and datas not coming to the web API. Yes chain working smooth currently for you but to development we cannot miss that mistakes. Insight We are trying to back up datas from https://explorer.folm.io/ Trying to save logs in conf files to keep it alive really working so hard on it monitoring day by day, hosts are problem with putty or something they are crushing because of cpu usages too but dont worry about it we are trying our best, I know time is money for most of you but we are real, real workers from company just lie back, act positive to make your project positive. When someone creating a new buy orders people are trying to buy more you can see that volume makes triple himself price increasing around 25% just adopt Folm we are with you.

Love is spreading Ask it learn it !
The Folm Team .
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